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Promoting your business through SMS is one of the best way to approach. At NetpiperSMS.com we provide various solutions to our corporate users. You specify the requirement and we develop the solution.

Following are some of the predefined solutions that are available through Netpiper SMS. Solutions are indefinite with SMS at NetpiperSMS.com.

 SMS Broadcasting
SMS broadcasting is a way in which you send the same message to multiple mobile numbers at one time. Using our Desktop SMS or online SMS section, you can only send 250 numbers at a time. To send more messages we can develop the component according to your need. Following are the various options of broadcasting.

Broadcasting from Clients area
In this method, you will be able to broadcast to any number of mobile numbers at a given time to the mobile numbers from your database. You pay only the SMS charge and the rest is taken care of by NetpiperSMS product. For more details contact our sales team.

Broadcasting from NetpiperSMS location
If you do not have the time to sit and send the messages from your end or if you do not have the mobile number database, need not worry. You can still reach thousands of audience using our database and we will do it for you. For more details contact our sales team

 Two Way messaging
So far SMS was sent from the Internet to the mobile phones. We are introducing a new system to send SMS in the reverse order also, but with a difference. Here customers can send SMS from their mobile phone to a particular number (short code number) and request for a service or information.

Here, the customer have to use codes rather than long messages. You can get a dedicated short code number for your purpose or use predefined number. In both case, the customer/user will send the code to the assigned number and in turn the code along with the mobile number will be routed to your web site or processed from NetpiperSMS server. The processed result (SMS message) will be sent back to the customers mobile at the same moment itself.

Here, the customer will be spending money for the short code message and all you need to invest is for the response SMS, which in turn you can charge your customers for the service being provided.

With Two way messaging you can have numerous applications implemented for your company or for your clients company. In order to get more details about two way messaging or its costing, contact our marketing person with your exact requirement.

 Event Notifications
Did you ever think of having a program with which you can contact your staff, customers or audience without calling them on the phone? Here is the right way of doing notifications. Use Netpipersms.com SMS service from your applications and send notifications to anyone in your database using any preconfigured algorithm.

You can attach the NetpiperSMS event notification component along with your application. Your application can then be configured to pick up the mobile numbers and supply to the component with the required message. NetpiperSMS component will then automatically connect to the SMS server and send your message, be it 1 message or 1000s of message!

Since this component is purely based on our clients requirement, we require you to contact our marketing person with your complete requirement.

 Tracking System
Tracking system is one of the major area where SMS can be implemented. From Courier Service to Online store SMS tracking can be of great use. Your customers can check for their delivery status by sending a code as SHORT code message and your system will respond to this query, that was deviated from NetpiperSMS server.

Courier Company
The only way for the customer to track their shipping is either to call your office or log onto the web site and then enter the long serial number. Using SMS service, you can notify your customer about the status of their shipment whenever its status is changed in your database. No manual intervention is required here. Rather, our component will reside at the back of your application and will send the SMS whenever there is any status change.

Exchange Centers
The most frequently used service from the gulf region is the exchange centers. What if your customer can receive the delivery status on their mobile immediately when the beneficiary collects the money? All you need to do is install our component along with your application and trigger the SMS service whenever a status is changed. All it will cost you is less than 0.05$, but gives your customer an added service.

Online Store
You can use our SMS tracking system to send SMS messages with the status of your online orders made by your customers. Whenever the back end office ships the product, your application can trigger the SMS to the customers mobile phone stating the details of the shipment. And now you can use upto 456 characters at a time!!!

For tracking system you can do more with our SMS service. For more details about this, contact our marketing team with your exact requirement.

 Banking Solutions
At one point of time, online banking was a "must have" requirement for all the major banking sectors. In the new era it is SMS banking or Mobile banking that all banking sectors are focused on! Is your bank equipped for mobile solutions? If not, why wait for long! Contact NetpiperSMS and get the solution implemented in no time.

You can provide various features for your customers using Mobile banking:

  • Check Account Balance
  • Exchange Rates
  • Request for information like Interest rate, etc - using Short code messaging
  • Last 3 transaction details
  • Request for cheque book
  • Stop Cheque payment
  • Get Cheque status

 SMS Contest
Want to promote your product in an interactive way? Want to conduct Mobile contest? NetpiperSMS is introducing a new concept for conducting contests using SMS messages. You send SMS message to your customers explaining about your product along with the contest question or go for a print media advertisement with the contest question. Users can answer to the question by pressing REPLY or by sending an SMS with the answer to a short code (4 digit code).

All responses are received from our server and processed as per your requirement. We will have a dedicated page with your contest details on our site as well. At the end of the contest you can log onto our administration section and choose the winners online. Winners can be notified through SMS.

SMS solutions for your corporate is unlimited. Explore the ways in which you can promote your product or offers through SMS from NetpiperSMS. Contact our team using our contact section.

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