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 Help - Sending SMS
What is SMS?
SMS (Short Message Service) is the transmission of short text messages to and from a mobile phone, fax machine and/or IP address. Messages must be no longer than 160 symbols and contain no images or graphics. The main feature of this service is speed, cheapness and guarantee that your message will reach the target person, even he is out of radio coverage, or his phone is turned off.

At netpipersms.com, you can send SMS to mobile phones as well receive messages from mobile phones, but with a different approach (check our 2-way messaging for more details. We have even extended our capability of SMS to send more than 160 characters at a time, thus making it to 456 characters at one time.

Sending SMS from NetpiperSMS.com
Sending an SMS from our web site is more simple than sending an email to your friend. You can type anything you like using the capability of sending 456 characters at a time. For sending SMS you need to have an account (register with NetpiperSMS) and enough SMS credits (read below for details on SMS Credits). Once you create your account and buy SMS credits, you can use any of the links under "SMS Services" to send SMS, Ring tones, etc.

For sending SMS, select the link SEND SMS from the left or from the SERVICES page. You will be required to Sign in using your user name and password. If you do not have any credit, you will be redirected to a page displaying "no credits left" message.

Enter the mobile number(s) to send your message or select from your ADDRESS list. Type the message (maximum allowed characters is 456). All characters are allowed here, but some of the characters wont be displayed in some mobile phones. Hence we request you to avoid special characters to the maximum so as to convey your message properly.

Proper instructions are given along with each fields in the SEND SMS page. We recommend you to check our Networks supported list before sending any message so as to make sure that your message is delivered correctly.

SMS Credits
To send a message (of size less than 160 character) NetpiperSMS.com will charge you 1 SMS from your account. Each SMS sent is calculated as 1 SMS credit. For example, if you are sending a message with 456 character length, 3 SMS credits will be charged to your account. If you are sending a ring tone which shows "5 credits required", 5 credits will be deducted from your account.

When buying SMS, you have to buy in SMS credits. Minimum credits is 100 and maximum you can buy is unlimited. With 100 SMS credits you can send 100 messages (each of lenght less than 160) and once you finish your credits, you will have to buy more credits.

SMS Credit is like a unit to keep track of your account details. Each time you send an SMS or EMS, 'n' units (SMS credits) are reduced from your account - where 'n' depends on the type of message and its length you are using.

Delayed SEND
Delayed send is a added functionality provided by NetpiperSMS, which you cannot avail from your local mobile operator or any other web sites. Using our delayed send you can configure your SMS to be delivered at a later date and time as you do in Calendars. You have to specify the date and time in GMT.

Using Delayed send you can configure Event notifications, Birthdays, etc and avoid the chance of missing it. We store all the delayed messages on our end itself and the corresponding message is delivered at the time specified. Hence, the chance of loosing the message or being sent at odd times are less.

Please note that, due to enormous traffic on our server, some of the messages get delayed for 1 or 2 minutes. During those time, your delayed message may get delivered with a difference of 2 to 3 minutes also.

GreenWich Median Time is the standard for calculating the time zones in which different countries of the world fall. We at Netpipersms also follows the GMT standard for all the date and timings that are listed at various sections. You can calculate your time based on the GMT difference for your location/country. For example, the GMT difference for UAE is +4 where as for India is +5:30. Some of the countries and their difference is listed below. For more details about GMT timing, we recommend you visit the web site http://www.greenwich2000.com for more details.

Country Name GMT difference
UAE + 4
Bahrain + 3
Qatar + 3
Saudi Arabia + 3
Oman + 4
Kuwait + 3
Lebanon + 2
Jordan + 2
Egypt + 2
India + 5:30
Pakistan + 5
Philippines + 8

Flash Message
Flash Messages appear directly onto the reciepient's mobile screen and gives the reciepent info at a go!! Cool right. But make sure the reciepent's mobile supports it also. Also, some of the mobile phones do not allow the receipient to store the FLASH message. Hence your message will be lost once they press the cancel button. Flash messages are mainly used to send secure informations as Account number, passwords, etc.

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