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Apart from providing various solutions for corporates, NetpiperSMS also offers various solutions for web sites and web site development firms. We have developed a multi purpose component that can be integrated with your web site with minimal amount of time. The component can be downloaded FREE of charge.

Alternatively, NetpiperSMS.com also provides direct access to our server using HTTP submit (URL submission) for those who want to customize their application and develop their own component.

It is the same component and method that we have used for NetpiperSMS also. All you see at NetpiperSMS.com can be incorporated in your web site with a little coding at your end. If you are not equipped with proper technical team, NetpiperSMS can help you implement the same for your web site with an additional cost.

Customised SMS page
NetpiperSMS can host the SMS service for your web site on NetpiperSMS server with the same look and feel of your web site. Your customers will be able to send instant SMS and EMS from your web site. Sender name will be your company name and you will be able to configure this SMS section as you prefer. Contact us for more details.

SMS Alert
Want to have an online help system for your web site which is critical for your business? Use our SMS Alert system for your web site. Your customers can send SMS to you with the problem or query using this section. This can be either hosted on your server directly or at our location with the same look and feel of your web site.

Developer Tools
We have made our server available to you, which can be accessed any time from any part of the world from your own application. You can bundle SMS service to your products/solutions and ship to your customer. There are 2 ways you can use our Developer tools - WebSMS component or HTTP Access.

WebSMS Component
Developed and tested for Windows applications/platform. You can install this ActiveX component on to your server and call it from your application - ASP, VB, VC++, Java, etc. All you need to do is invoke the component and pass the mobile numbers and message as parameters. Sending the SMS and retrieving the response will be taken care by the component.

Download our component now and test for your applications or web site!

For more details about using the component, download the WebSMS guide.

HTTP Access
Worried about the security of the component or internet connection? Not sure about the working of our WebSMS component? Alternatively we have another solution for you which can be called from any platform and application, but with extra coding required.

Our HTTP Access will allow you to connect to our SMS server directly from any platform and from behind and firewall. Download the HTTP Access guide to know more about HTTP access. You can test SMS for free. You will only need to pay for the SMS you sent!

All our Component, guide and SMS testing is free of charge. You will have to only pay for the SMS that you sent! For more details about pricing contact our sales team.

WebSMS kit
WebSMS guide
HTTP Access Guide
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